We checked how and in what way the system of physical supervision over persons, which is performed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska, works. According to the information obtained, it is common practice to use private vehicles for monitoring and surveillance. The system works in such a way that the supervising police officer uses his private vehicle. The Ministry of the Interior bears the costs of monitoring and using that vehicle.

Such a system is designed to make the police officers who supervise as unobtrusive as possible. So a person who has been monitored very often for months is not even aware that one is under surveillance. Such a system of surveillance was implemented during 2018 and 2019 over 25-30 activists of the Justice for David group. We have only recently received confirmation of this information. The whole operation was led by Inspector Milan Opacic.

According to the information we have for this operation, there was no order from the prosecutor’s office, so the Ministry of the Interior constantly monitored the activists on its own initiative. However, that did not prevent the Ministry of Internal Affairs from rewarding Inspector Opacic with promotion for leading this action. In recent days, we have witnessed a similar situation in which the private vehicle Audi A6 is constantly monitoring activists. Checking the license plates, it was established that the vehicle belonged to police officer Nikola Babić. However, this surveillance and monitoring is significantly different from the established practice of surveillance, which is usually carried out in secrecy.

It is clear that the purpose of such supervision is not to collect any information. The ultimate goal of such offensive behavior by members of the Ministry of the Interior can only be one. And that is creating an atmosphere in which it would become clear to the activists of the group that their lives are in danger. However, this fact is not something new or something that could shake or frighten the Justice for David group. We have been exposed to pressures and threats so far. Since we believe that the rule of law is not functioning at the moment, it is clear that there is no effect in seeking protection from those who threaten us. The case of security threat has been registered and will be reported to international organizations. No matter what, we go to the end.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness


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