Is David Dragicevic’s underwear evidence or not?

A hearing in the case of David Dragicevic was held in Banja Luka. Mikica Marijanac and Zoran Bosnjak are on trial, who are charged with removing the evidence, ie the underwear of the murdered David Dragicevic.

The defense requested that former Chief Prosecutor Vreco be heard because in the proceedings, while the case was still in the Prosecution, he stated that “the boxers were not evidence” and to determine whether the Prosecution considered whether or not it was evidence. If not, then there would be no case for which Marijanac and Bosnjak are charged.

However, the judge rejected this proposal, explaining to the prosecutor Dalibor Vreco that Lepir himself was collecting evidence in this case, and that he considered that it was not evidence.

As N1 reporter Anđelka Marković reported, there was a proposal to hear the prosecutor on duty, who was acting at the moment when the body of Daid Dragičević was found. The proposal was rejected.

It was accepted that Zoran Zivkovic, Sinisa Kojdic and others will be heard at the next hearing. Zoran Obradović for the reason that it is unclear where the so-called a brown bag with evidence, that is, with David Dragicevic’s clothing, was moving. It is suspected that certain items were taken from it.

The proposal of the defense was not adopted, nor what the group “Justice for David” insists on, to remove the acting prosecutor Dalibor Vreća.


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