Interview: Zoran Radanović

Zoran Radanović is a man who did not expose himself in the media. All the months of agony after David’s murder, he is there, along with his wife Suzana, but also her ex-husband Davor, as a quiet and unreserved support. He met and fell in love with David immediately and considers the fight for justice his duty to him. Davor’s words about this man perhaps best testify to Zoran’s support for Davor Dragičević. And just as Zoran understands Davor’s pain, so Davor is aware of how much Zoran’s life has changed after the tragedy. Through this interview with Zoran, you will have the opportunity to hear briefly about the situation he found himself in. What about his life now?

Dear Zoran!

1. Here, after almost three years since the murder of David Dragičević, there is no progress in the investigation, nor is there a finding of the killer. What is your comment on all of the above?

It has long been clear to all of us that Dalibor Vrećo, in the position of acting prosecutor, is the main link in preventing and covering up the investigation into the murder of David Dragičević. Our only hope is that the case will be taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent days, we have witnessed that there is a high probability that this will happen. We are aware of who participated in the murder, I mean the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so we do not expect much.

2. How has everything that happened in the past affected your life as a truly honorable man?

Absolutely nothing is the same anymore. Birthdays are no longer the same, holidays too. Usually, Davor is always present at all our important events and it is obvious that there is no more joy and splendor in his and Suzana’s eyes. Therefore, I have neither the will nor the desire to look forward to something, because I know that at all such events, they think of David and happy days with him. It is clear to me, because I am a parent of two children, that everything was killed in them and they have live on. You have to, because you have more children that you are obliged to take, however you know, on the right path. I am obliged, as Suzana’s husband, to follow and support her in good and thus in evil.

3. How much did the support of the Justice for David group help the parents in their struggle?

I myself did not believe that these people in Parkić would last so long in the fight and I really admire them for that. If it weren’t for them, all that would have been forgotten long ago. Thank goodness there are still good people, and our righteous people have been proving that for over a thousand days. All the attempts to intimidate and harass some dishonorable members of the Ministry of the Interior did not prevent them in the least from their fight, and I really admire them for that. I am overjoyed that I do not live in that ghetto and that I am in a legal and regulated country. In a country of social peace, in a country where an ordinary man with his ten fingers can create a normal life, a country where you get child allowance and regular monthly salaries.

4. Considering that you live and work in Austria, how do you perceive everything that is happening in Banja Luka, activists of the group Justice for David?

I am very sorry when I see the people of Banja Luka passing by people who are fighting for their children and a better tomorrow on David Square. To act as if it doesn’t concern you, and you live and raise children in such a poisoned environment… I can’t understand at all. Mostly it’s all parents, grandparents, and they don’t have any empathy in them, or it’s some kind of fear, I don’t even know. I am very disappointed.

5. Zoran! Many people would not cope with your situation. You did. How hard is it to be human?

I am not at all sure or aware that I managed, I worked and followed only what was inside me. I have not done anything that is not to be expected of me and any normal person and parent. It’s easiest to turn around and pretend it’s none of your business, and I’m not like that and my character doesn’t allow me to. Suzana knows that, and I told Davor at the very beginning that I was with them until the end. They have and will have my unreserved support in every sense and whatever I can… I will do it.

They as parents have done everything in their power. If we are aware, and we are, who we are fighting against, then we come to the conclusion that more has been done than an ordinary citizen can. We came to the United Nations, Brussels, the world media came to Banja Luka and reported on a case where parents are fighting against a corrupt system in the country. We know and remember that this has never happened in history, in our area. Let’s remember the big gathering where there were 40,000 people. Support has been coming, and is coming today, from all over the world. Religion and nation do not matter. A secure future is important.

6. It will soon be three full years since the murder of David Dragičević. What do you think should happen, and for the prosecution to finally announce the murder investigation?

As I said, we do not expect anything from the Banja Luka Prosecutor’s Office at all, so our only hope is to take the case to a higher level, that is. Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Justice for David group is really making superhuman efforts so that the case of David Dragičević’s murder is not forgotten. Lawyer Ifet Feraget does everything in his power to take the case to a higher level, and he really uses all legal instances. On this occasion, I would like to thank the lawyer Ifet Feraget because he is doing his best.

From the very beginning, I felt that the Prosecutor’s Office was not doing its job because we were gathering evidence ourselves and taking camera footage that showed us David’s movements on the night of his disappearance. I don’t think the police even tried to go looking for David. Whenever we went to the Ministry of the Interior. and we went a couple of times a day, we encountered rudeness, misunderstanding, and it seemed to us that they could hardly wait to see our backs.

7. What is your message to the Justice for David group itself?

My message to our righteous people is to be just what they already are – strong, brave and unreservedly supportive of their parents, because without them, there would not be this fight either. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!

8. At the end of this interview, what would you say to the opposite side, to all those who participated in both the murder and the cover-up?

And killers… what should I tell them?!? I believe their lives changed with the murder of David. They thought it would pass without consequences. Will not. Do they dream of David? Is it coming to them on the air? Do they think their families will be marked by this murder? How do they think their children live in Banja Luka, ashamed of their fathers? I wonder how their wives live with them, and they know who they share a roof with. Are they in fear? The truth is known, and now it is the turn of JUSTICE to come.