In the hands of an unscrupulous prosecutor, any investigation can be obstructed and deliberately ruined without any responsibility

The best example is the case of the organized murder of David Dragicevic, a student from Banja Luka. The case has not been solved even after three years.

The district public prosecutor’s office obstructed the investigation for three years, destroyed the evidence, and led the investigation in the wrong direction.

Back in 2018, Ifet Feraget, the lawyer of the Dragicevic family, pointed out that as long as the Dragicevic case is in the hands of Dalibor Vreco, there will be no investigation.

Prosecutor Dalibor Vreco, contrary to the legal regulations on the manner of assigning certain cases, is in charge of the Dragicevic case, which is another serious violation of the prescribed procedures by the then Chief Prosecutor Zelimir Lepir and Prosecutor Vreco.

On April 4th 2021 the trial of members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnjak-Marjanac) was postponed due to the intentional destruction of the crown evidence on the circumstances of the murder, with the intention of preventing or complicating the investigation. The reason for the postponement of the main trial is the non-appearance of the acting prosecutor. Allegedly claim was submitted to the court stating that Vreco had a corona, and that the District Public Prosecutor’s Office was not able to provide another prosecutor. It was found out later that the proof of the disease was not submitted to the court.

We note that the suspects Bosnjak and Marjanac were direct associates of Prosecutor Vreco in the murder investigation of David Dragicevic. Dalibor Vreco is also the acting prosecutor in this lawsuit. The prosecutor cannot conduct proceedings against his associates because the responsibility lies precisely with the prosecutor. It is indisputable that Bosnjak and Marjanac committed a serious criminal offense, but in that procedure the prosecutor cannot be Vreco because they are his associates, and the prosecutor Vreco himself is an interested party responsible for the actions of the associates. The defendant technicians directly accused their superior officer (Inspector Sinisa Kojdic) of ordering them to throw and destroy evidence. However, the acting prosecutor Vreco makes a prosecutor’s decision not to conduct an investigation against his associate Inspector Sinisa Kojdic. And for the same act, under public pressure, he filed an indictment against two lower-ranking technicians. Such an illogical and shameful move by the prosecutor clearly proves the actions that lead in the direction of covering up the murder.

“In a situation where the prosecutor, who has committed omissions in a particular case,
still investigating the case himself, one cannot expect any results.
because the rule is Nemo Iudex in Causa Sua, you cannot be judge in your own case ”.
Lawyer Ifet Feraget

David Dragicevic disappeared in the night of 17th/18th of March 2018, after six days, his lifeless body was found at the mouth of the Crkvena that flows into the Vrbas. In connection with the disappearance and murder of a Banja Luka student, police officers were brought in, and in conjunction with the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka, the entire investigation had only one goal: TO COVER UP THE OBVIOUS MURDER.

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