Ifet Feraget’s message during facebook live after the award ceremony

Yesterday, at the solemn session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly held at the Sarajevo National Theater, a plaque from the Sarajevo Canton was awarded to Mr. Ifet Feraget in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Bosnia and Herzegovina society in the field of justice, for his responsibility and selfless commitment to the truth and justice. moral principles.

At the invitation of Mr. Feraget, we were extremely honored to attend that session on behalf of the Justice for David group. Of course, the father and sister of the murdered Dzenan Memic were also present at the session. At the same time, a banner “Thank you for everything Ifete” was presented yesterday on Krajina Square in Banja Luka.

Proud of Ifet as we are proud of all our lawyers who lead our legal battles (Jovana Kisin, Milan Malesević, Dragan Tolimir and Dario Sandic)!
Let’s all go to the end together !!

Here you can see a part of yesterday’s plaque award.


After the award ceremony at the Formal Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, lawyer Ifet Feraget addressed during the live on the Facebook page Justice for David. We bring you his address.

“Greetings to all good people, thank you very much for that support. I just said that I am grateful for being awarded this plaque. I thank all the good people who are with us and who help us to come to truth and justice and I am convinced that we will succeed in that. On the other hand, I am by no means happy because I received a plaque because I pointed out that criminals work in prosecutors’ offices instead of prosecutors. One of the reasons why I received this plaque is, as it says in the plaque itself, that I have preserved legal and moral principles. Thanks to the fact that the prosecutors in Banja Luka, led by Zelimir Lepir, and here in Sarajevo, led by Dalida Burzic, violated all moral and legal principles. I am grateful to have received a plaque and I hope that no one will receive a plaque like this again. It would be much better to have prosecutors who respect moral and legal principles, because that would be of greater benefit to all citizens. Thank you again and best regards”- said Ifet.

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