Ifet Feraget received the Plaque of Sarajevo Canton

Representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly made a decision at today’s session on the awarding of public recognitions of the Sarajevo Canton, and by a special decision, Eric Larson was declared an honorary citizen of the Sarajevo Canton.

The award is given to Larson for his outstanding contribution to the prevention and fight against corruption, selfless commitment to the implementation and upgrading of the anti-corruption system in the Sarajevo Canton, and the development of international relations on the principles of solidarity and democracy.

The Decision on awarding the Sarajevo Canton Plaque to Ifet Feraget was also made, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the BiH society in the field of justice, for his responsibility and selfless commitment in the fight for truth and justice, and preservation of legal and moral principles.

Mih d.o.o sarajevo will also be awarded a plaque in recognition of its contribution to the development of the Sarajevo Canton in the field of economy, as well as for socially responsible business with the aim of developing awareness and increasing care for society and the environment, and for selfless contribution to spreading humanity and solidarity.

The plaque will also be presented to the Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in recognition of many years of successful work, outstanding achievements and immeasurable contribution to the development of sports in the Sarajevo Canton and the affirmation of the state of BiH.

The Belma Soljanin Plaque is posthumously awarded in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the spread of the idea of ​​humanity, for her dedicated commitment in her efforts to provide significant support to the Kanton Sarajevo health system in the field of motherhood through her philanthropic work and commitment.

The deputies also adopted the Program for the celebration of the Day of the Sarajevo Canton from 2nd to 9th May 2021, within which the aforementioned public awards will be presented.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the “Days of Kanton Sarajevo” event will be marked in special conditions.


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