For almost 1,300 days, David Dragicevic’s family and members of the Justice for David have been trying to force the corrupt system to launch a serious investigation and bring the killers and all those who participated in the organized cover-up of the murder to justice. In order for this goal to be achieved, ie for the rule of law to function, the existence of an independent judicial system is necessary. It is necessary to have a prosecutorial institution that will rise above political interests and pressures. The Dragicevic case is by no means as complicated as the prosecution is trying to present it. The prosecution is persistently silent. They ignore requests, evidence…

They even ignore the public disclosure of the names of those whom the parents of the late David mark as the culprits for the death of their son. Parents offer evidence for that claim, but who cares. Prosecutors’ offices in BiH and its entities are the gravediggers of the people and the state. They will kill us all if we don’t stop them. Davor Dragicevic said that in July 2018. We haven’t stopped them yet. We slowed them down, but we didn’t stop them. Even today, we are witnessing how Davor’s black premonitions come true every day. Today marks three years since the largest gathering ever seen in this area. Many expected and wished for chaos on the streets of Banja Luka that day. However, the Justice for David group remained consistent with Davor’s wish. Peaceful and dignified, because we love our city, because we respect every human life. We then, as now, fought for law, justice and respect for the constitution and the law. Criminals and murderers see you soon.


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