The memory and mention of Justice, Truth and David “bothers” someone in Banja Luka

The Association of Citizens “The Path of Justice” Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded by human rights activists “Justice for David”, held a press conference today, February the 8th at the mouth of the Crkvena in Vrbas, where the body of the murdered David Dragičević was found.

Today’s press conference began with a brief retrospective of events at this location. After the body of the murdered David Dragičević was found, members of the informal group “Justice for David” started lighting candles at this location on April the 7th 2019. Two quinces symbolically called Truth and Justice were also planted and a heart of flowers, stone and sand was formed. All this was done symbolically as a remembrance of the fallen David. As we know from the very beginning, any remembrance and mention of Justice, Truth and David bothers anyone in this city. The removal of these symbols has been done at least thirty times to date, while activists have formed a new one each time.

The information we came to is nothing new for us personally, we knew somewhere that someone from the Ministry of the Interior was behind it, but due to the public we are obliged to announce that our suspicions are justified. So, every time the communal police received an order to remove the heart, that order would come from the Ministry of the Interior, as you have the opportunity to see in the documentation that we are giving you. Here you can even see that calls from the Ministry of the Interior came even after 8 p.m. Phone calls from the Ministry of the Interior to the communal police were so frequent that the communal policemen, on the order of Milenko Letić, were obliged to remove all items left by Justice for David activists on the phone report of the duty police station of the Ministry of the Interior, Centar Banja Luka police station.

In accordance with all of the above, we ask the public question WHY so much, the Ministry of the Interior is bothered by flowers or lighting candles in a place that is not next to the road. Can’t distract anyone because you have to come to this place on purpose?

Who cares? That has been clear to all of us for a long time! This evidence confirms our suspicions and claims!

It can only bother those who are directly or indirectly involved in the murder of David Dragičević and who want in all possible ways, legal and illegal, to remove everything that reminds of the suffering of David Dragičević.

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