The BiH Constitutional Court is delaying the Dragicevic case

Source: BN TV

The lawyer of the family of the murdered David Dragicevic, Ifet Feraget, and members of the informal group of citizens “Justice for David” again asked the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to make a decision on the appeal related to the investigation into the death of David Dragicevic.

Ustavni sud BiH odugovlači u vezi slučaja Dragičević

They say that any delay in this case additionally violates human rights and that if a decision is not made soon, they will organize protests in front of this court.

Even after two years, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not made an official decision on the appeal filed by lawyer Ifet Feraget on behalf of Davor Dragicevic, requesting a reaction from this institution to the failure to conduct an investigation against individuals from the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior, all in the case of the investigation into the murder of his son David Dragicevic.

Ifet Feraget says that the violation of the standard of trial within a reasonable time, which is advocated by the Constitutional Court, is at work.

“The deadline in which the Constitutional Court should have cut the situation and made a decision on the appeal that I filed the same as in the Dzenan Memiz case, due to the lack of an effective investigation, has long expired. I expect that to happen soon, because the corona virus pandemic is certainly not an excuse. I just wish it had nothing to do with politics, and I appeal to the Constitutional Court to make that decision as soon as possible, “said the lawyer of the Dragicevic family, Ifet Feraget.

The same appeal is made by the informal group of citizens “Justice for David”. Ozren Perduv says that it is shameful and inadmissible for the Bosnia and Herzegovina  Constitutional Court to procrastinate on this issue.

“When you go to the website of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina , you will see that they hold regular electronic sessions and meetings and even make decisions. And then we rightly ask ourselves, what is this ?! Obviously there is a reason why they cannot, do not want to or must not make a decision. It seems, however, that the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina  is one political body and we rightly ask whose interests they represent and on which side the Constitutional Court stands. “Is it on the side of citizens and human rights or is it on the side, so to speak, of criminals and murderers?” Perduv asks.

And the decision of the Constitutional Court, as it stands, will be awaited. This institution says that the appeal of Davor Dragicevic was considered at the Plenary Session held on February 6th this year, but that the decision was not made then and that the case should have been considered at one of the next sessions. However, they were not held, and as a reason, the Constitutional Court again cites the epidemic of the corona virus, due to which, as they say, international judges acting in the court are not able to attend the sessions.

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If they continue to justify themselves in the next period in the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the informal group “Justice for David” has a ready answer.

“If there is no decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the foreseeable future, we will, seriously preparing for it, make protests in front of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.” This is a message directly to them, said Ozren Perduv.

Davor Dragicevic, David’s father, told BN TV earlier that he suspected that the reason for the lack of an answer from the Constitutional Court was that the appeal could not be legitimately and legally rejected. He said that the only correct decision in this case was that the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office, led by Zelimir Lepir, knowingly conducted an inadequate investigation, with the intention of covering up the murder of David Dragicevic and releasing those responsible.

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