Letter sent to embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A letter was sent to the embassies of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of tonight’s events on Krajina Square and the arrest of human rights activists “Justice for David”.

The immediate reason for the arrest was a press conference on Krajina Square. The informal group of citizens “Justice for David” marked two years since the large gathering on June the 7th 2018. Only three activists stood on Krajina Square, Ozren Perduv, Sofija Grmuša and Miljan Kovač. At the very beginning, members of the police approached and demanded that the rally be stopped. Activists responded that it was not a rally but an informal address to the media. The following were arrested: Aleksandra Vranješ, Gordana Bojanić, Zaim Šibić, Ćerim Kuč, Edvin Kuč, Željka Skenderija, Sofija Grmuša, Ozren Perduv, Milica Malašević and Miljan Kovač. Some activists were detained at the Centar Banja Police Station, and some activists, including Ozren Perduv and Sofija Grmuša, were transferred to the Training Center in Zalužani. Around 1 in the morning, activists from the Banja Luka Police Station were released, while the activists that were detained at the Training Center, Zalužani were released around 4 in the morning.

Among other things, the letter drew attention to the constant arrests, abuse, harassment and humiliation of the citizens of Banja Luka by members of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Srpska.

The conclusion of the letter emphasizes that the desire and request of the Dragičević family is to react as soon as possible, provide support and protection to the citizens of Banja Luka who experience daily persecution, abuse and torture by members of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Srpska. The wish and request of the Dragičević family and human rights activist “Justice for David” is to use the powers they have and protect the citizens as soon as possible.

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