LAWSUIT AGAINST NINE POLICE OFFICERS FROM BANJA LUKA: “200 of them with balaclavas and batons chased 20 citizens like they were wild beasts”

Source: Buka

The criminal complaint was filed more than a year ago …

Today, 4 persons (witnesses) were examined in the District Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the criminal report filed by Perduv Ozren on January the 8th 2020. against 9 police officers for whom there is a reasonable suspicion that on 30th and 31st of December 2018. committed the criminal offense of “Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty”.

The persons who were heard as witnesses are also the persons who were on the night of 30th to 31st of December 2018. years unlawfully deprived of liberty.

The criminal report states that the police officers “heavily violated the Law on Misdemeanors, and by applying illegal measures and committing a series of illegal actions caused damage and seriously violated the legal and constitutional rights of the above-mentioned detriment persons. Article 12 of the Republic of Srpska Constitution states that no one may be denied the constitutional right to liberty except in cases and procedures prescribed by law.The Law on Misdemeanors explicitly states the reasons for deprivation of liberty, which did not exist in this case. Obligatory obtaining of a court order, which the authorized persons in this case failed to obtain, so the deprivation and restriction of liberty of the said persons was done in an illegal manner”, it is pointed out in the Criminal Report.

Criminal charges were filed against the police officers:

1. Predrag Dukic,

2. Cavke Esed,

3. Dejan Krsic,

4. Danijela Gavric,

5. Nemanja Repajic,

6. Jovica Djukic,

7. Milan Opacic,

8. Nebojsa Stupar,

9. Dejan Novic.

After the hearing, Ozren Perduv said that if prosecutor Dalibor Vrećo was doing his job, they would not be here today.

“On the night from December 30th to 3st1, 2018, masked police officers, more than 200 of them went with batons and balaclavas against about 20 citizens. They chased the citizens. 200 of them chased 20 citizens like they were wild beasts. Citizens were then deprived of their liberty, some were deprived in the square, and some in their homes or cafes. Those who were not even on Krajina Square that evening were also deprived of their liberty. It just says that they had a list of names ready to be deprived of their liberty in advance, “Perduv told for BUKA.

He added that they filed a criminal complaint more than a year ago.

“It took prosecutor Gordana Mijatović more than a year to finally start examining witnesses, those people who were deprived of their liberty that evening. We think this could have been done much earlier. The question is whether and when the indictment will be filed, and if so, when it will be confirmed in court. “Even when it is confirmed before the court, the question is when the trial will begin in order to reach a final sentence against these police officers,” Perduv points out and appeals to the Prosecutor’s Office to speed up this process.

He adds that the example of the Prosecutor’s Office shows slowness and inefficiency when they need more than a year to start examining witnesses.

Sofija Grmuša said that her testimony lasted one hour and twenty minutes.

“I demanded the criminal prosecution of  those police officers, who unjustifiably deprived us of our liberty on December 30th, 2018,” Grmusa pointed out.

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