Discrimination continues

Activists of the informal group “Justice for David” gathered, as every night, on Krajina Square at 18:00. As on the first day of the gathering, they are looking for an answer to the question “Who killed David?” and why none of the killers and accomplices have yet been held accountable for the brutal murder of twenty-one-year-old student David Dragičević.

In addition to seeking “Justice for David”, activists, human rights activists are still being repressed by the Republic of Srpska Interior Ministry. Last night, the police harassed and legitimized the activists again.

Last night, you had the opportunity to see the repression of the police against the activists of Justice for David in the live broadcast that goes every night from David’s Square. Namely, while they were standing on the Square, 4 policemen approached them with a request for identification. When asked “Why?” The answer was astonishing, allegedly due to not wearing a mask. Most of the citizens who passed through Krajina Square did not have masks, but the police only approached the activists and wrote misdemeanor warrants. Either way on the ground you could obviously see another new discrimination by the Home Office against Justice activists for David given that random passers-by were not stopped or legitimized at any point.

Sofia Grmuša, who was on the Square at the time of the police repression, told our portal: “They are still trying in any way to discriminate Justice for David activists.” Especially after yesterday’s arrests in Sarajevo. I would like to mention that these are the same police officers who deprived us of our liberty on July the 7th 2020 for no reason. So, always the same police officers repress us. Other citizens walk normally without masks, while Justice activists for David identify themselves for not wearing masks. We will consult with our lawyers to re-initiate a discrimination lawsuit. “

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