An investigation has been under way for more than two years in the case of endangering the security of “Minister” Dragan Lukač

Justice human rights activists for David, Davor Dragičević, Sofija Grmuša and Ozren Perduv have been under investigation for more than two years for allegedly endangering the security of Interior Minister Dragan Lukač.

Ozren Perduv addressed prosecutor Tanja Mrđa, who is leading this investigation, with the question of how long the investigation will be conducted. Ozren Perduv received a response from the Prosecution on this issue.

The response from the Prosecutor’s Office states that Prosecutor Tanja Mrđa took over the case on October the 24th 2019. The Prosecutor’s Office states that this is a very complex case and that a fourth prosecutor is engaged in the case. Before Tanja Mrđa, Saša Labotić, Žana Bojić and Rakić Gorana, among others, dealt with this subject.

We note that Saša Labotić was expelled from the prosecution and is known for filing an indictment against the dead David Dragičević.

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