“I’m sitting in the park because this is my city and my country. I am The Park!”

Author: Saša Graorac (Opinion)

“I would very much to thank Ministry of the Interior of Republic  of Srpska, which fined me with 500 KM, just for sitting on a bench in the park. I will be in court for the first time of forty years of my life. I think, that is saying enough about me, and too much about you!

It is not yet clear to me, how could you came into thought that we will not come again.  You came with five cars, because ten of us and you think we will retreat. We got over these children’s diseases.

You thought, you could get us easily after  the virus. You embarrassed yourself,  the first day. The second day you embarrassed yourself even more. So come on people, is there anyone to tell you, that what you are doing is not normal.  How come you are not getting enough of your self?

Well, buddy, when I was walking in this Park, you came to Banja Luka for an excursion.  How  can you tell me not to sit in the park. I’m sitting in the park in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and whenever I want, because this is my city and my country.  I am The Park.  I am Banja Luka.  I’m Vrbas.  I am a Gentleman’s and every other street.  Every man who loves this city is Banja Luka itself.  We are loving this city, I guess we are a part of this city, not you, you damn you! I love this city more than all of you together. I care for it, I love it!

I’m caring for my city by walking, by picking up trash or removing some branch. I’m loving by telling the most beautiful stories about it.  I love it by pushing the boat and preserving it’s tradition. Sometimes I’m swearing! Sometimes it’s like it is alive in my mind, so I get angry.  I wondering why why did my city let you bastards in it? How did you even get into my beautiful city?

How much are you poisoning my city?! How much you just don’t belong here?! How much are you just not getting! Man, how much you don’t understand anything! You get to dare  to tell me that I can’t sit on a bench in the park.  I’m going to court for that!  Shame on you!

You have to understand that this is that way and in no any other way different! You will never drive out The Park and my city out of me, just as we will never drive out  peasant bastards out of you.  What can I tell you, you are bloody bastards and you are not even able to talk as decadent citizens. Unfortunately, we have to live together.  Honestly, everyone who came with that kind of bad intentions and that kind of behavior, can return to their homes and eventually come on a one-day tour of the Delta city and then slowly back to their demonic houses.  It’s really nasty to see you, not to mention the yours big stupid hades! Your  behaviour is disaster.  You are a great shame, you and the one who sent you. Someone has to tell you that you are bastards who are not able to behave properly.

People from the city, academics, doctors, professors, teachers, writers, those people come out and told you honestly, that you are not right.  I am an ordinary citizen.  I write  and  think someone will read. I might touch someone.  So is there anyone who has not been bought, and who can go out and tell the truth?  Is there anyone out there, who can hear this?  The bastards will fuck us up.  Lives are gone, no more!

Well, my people, you can’t listen to that beekeeper anymore.  A man needs a vest and rubber boots. He is just not for this.  His head betrays him, his speech is a horror.  It’s all a disaster.  The one, from UKC Banja Luka, when he speaks I can’t come to my sense for two days.  The man is a bastard.  He doesn’t know how to behave.  A little flattened when he talks. Can you look at the mirror first?

People, this is all a great horror to me, we will be poisoned by lunatics.  Look what I’m writing.  So is this a product of a beautiful life? Can you feel, true anger coming out of me?  You disgust me so much that I vomit.  There is no greater stench than you on the planet.  The biggest earthly stench is what you are doing.  Shame on you.  I don’t even know what am I saying You just don’t recognize the evil that you’re doing.  You have no feeling, and no one is telling you, that you  are wrong. Because to every lunatic when you are saying “You are craz!”, he will first think that you’re crazy for telling him that.  That’s how you behave.  I don’t know, but probably some psychologists and psychiatrists should go out to find out what’s going on with you and give you some collective diagnosis.  Because this has passed every measure for a long time ago. Pure crime is absolutely visible.  The theft is visible.  Classic chewing. Here, we have no law and every fucker thinks he matters.  So when I see those bastards on their feet, that is enough. You are not aware that I can recognise you by your shoes.  You do not know how to buy shoes, and what else! It just occurred to me to fuck up those bastards,  I wrote about them. 

I am very sorry for this Coronavirus situation. People are fucked up anyway.  But here is a new murder yesterday and it is a sign that we are returning to normal.  Let’s take off the masks and let the hunger go slowly.  All the best, help God and Jesus, Allah blessed him and grant him peace. Let’s go, people, let God’s messengers help us, because it seems that we can’t help ourselves. I sat down at home for a while and, out of pure peace, all this came out of my head.  We live great.  It’s nice for all of us.  Where do thoughts like this come from?  I’m going to write something small and for free.  Thoughts go away.  I can barely stop. You are an inexhaustible source because you are the greatest bastards ever!”

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