Five years of sorrow and fight for justice: Today is the anniversary of Dzenan Memic’s death


Foto: Pravda za Dženana/Dženan Memić

For five years, one family has not slept, searching for the truth.

On February 8, 2016, in Velika Aleja in Ilidža, a 22-year-old man, Dženan Memić, who was walking with his girlfriend, was attacked, and he passed away only seven days later, on February 15th.

On this sad day, Jara left. The group Justice for Dzenan posted a shocking memory on its Facebook page.

“I think this is your last picture. At the funeral.
Beautiful, young, healthy, full of life as you stand looking at his transience.
If only you knew what was waiting for you, if only by some strange coincidence you got a phone call that same evening, if only they were waiting for you somewhere else, if only you urgently needed to make a turn. If only you were somehow different and said: “I’m leaving, I’m in a hurry, they’re waiting for me.”

As it was your habit, usually when you stopped by just to say hello, you would say a few words in a hurry.
But you did not. It was too important for you to be right there, in the place where the wounded stone now guards. Five years of grief and pain are proof that you did not. You didn’t, because the enemies took advantage of the moment and attacked from behind. From behind, because they knew they couldn’t beat you face to face.
The question remains, why? There are sleepless nights, tears and sobs among the 4 walls in our family house and they will remain as long as we are there. Everybody, who knew you, loved you.
Fear and belief remain, that there are monsters among us and that they are more real than any idea of ​​them. Your last words remain, each of us mentions them individually in our thoughts, and to each of us they sound differently.

“Here, we will come to you in February. February 15th, do we have a deal? ”
Memories remain, numerous and beautiful, full of laughter and joy. You stay among us, and you left so young.
And hope and faith remain. Hopefully, we will soon see all those responsible behind bars. Faith, that we will meet there again.

See you Jara, and until then we will keep you in our hearts “, it is said in the announcement.

Let us remind you, after the death of Dzenan Memic, an indictment was filed against Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic due to a traffic accident. So the court, not once but twice, said that Dzenan was not hit by a car.

The family is still waiting for the “real” indictment, by which even those who pretend not to know will see that Jenan was killed.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched an action related to this case this February, Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac are in custody, they are suspected of organized crime and obstructing the investigation into the death of Dzenan Memic.

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