Filing criminal charges against police officers who wrote misdemeanor warrants for shouting “Justice”

On Thursday, we are filing criminal charges against police officers who issued dozens of misdemeanor warrants for shouting “Justice”!

We will address the media:
At 12 o’clock in front of the Police Administration of Banja Luka
At 1 pm in front of the Temple of Christ the Savior
At 2 pm, we will submit the criminal report to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka.
See you!

Vladan Malesevic, one of the activists of Justice for David, wrote the following status on his Facebook profile and we are transmitting it to you in its entirety.

On Thursday May 27th I will proudly file a criminal complaint against a member of the RS Ministry of the Interior who signed a falsified misdemeanor record in which I was punished for the alleged shout of “JUSTICE” (disturbing public order and peace).

Why do I say it was forged?

Despite the fact that the misdemeanor order was rejected in court and declared unfounded, I would like to emphasize that the members of the Ministry of the Interior did not act in accordance with the Law and regulations which oblige a person disturbing public order to legitimize, and then apply other necessary actions. In the last three years, how did the protests against the obvious cover-up of the murder of David Dragicevic start, I have never been legitimized, so I wonder where they got the information and address from? Since it has been proven that they are following us, I would like to mention and warn some members of the RS Ministry of the Interior that monitoring or stalking without a prosecutor’s order is a criminal offense. One of the many lawsuits we are conducting against the corrupt system is being conducted on that issue.

Why am I filing a criminal complaint?

Many have accused us of tearing down institutions, however I see this act as defending institutions from corrupt centers of power within one institution. In addition to wanting to have an educated police force that respects the laws and regulations. I want every individual to think for themselves whether it is worth losing pride due to an order that violates the laws. Let me mention that every member of the Ministry of the Interior has the right to reject orders if their execution would be a crime, and many things have been done against the Justice for David group. In a country where the system is functioning, after the verdict for DISCRIMINATION of the Ministry of the Interior, resignations would be hurled at the people, but in our country, those responsible for discrimination are pretending to be dumb. Until this practice is put an end to, I believe that we do not have the Ministry of the Interior as one people’s institution, and I consider this criminal report as a small step towards that.

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