Feraget: The Memic and Dragicevic cases will change the political image of this country

Source: Patria

The lawyer of the family of the murdered Dzenan Memic, Ifet Feraget, wrote today on the Facebook group “Justice for Dzenan” that he expects a faster pace in resolving this case, but also the death of a young man from Banja Luka, David Dragicevic.

In his announcement, Feraget wrote that he has full confidence in the judicial institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that these cases are special because solving them will change a lot in our country.

“I have confidence in the state prosecutor’s office and prosecutors. It is not humane to link these two cases to any other. These two cases are special, we have absolutely all the evidence we need. There is more than enough evidence and I expect a faster pace. These two cases will change the political image of this country”, in the sense that we need politicians who will protect the right to life of every human being but also journalists who understand that”, Feraget wrote in his post.

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