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On October 27, 1969, Banja Luka experienced an earthquake that devastated the city. In the following years, the city was rebuilt and became one of the most beautiful cities in the former Yugoslavia. During the war, and especially in the post-war period, the city was again devastated and looted by the tycoon authorities. The looting is still going on and the city is dying every day under the occupation of an unpopular regime. Under the occupation of a regime that holds citizens hostage by repression, poverty and fear and a pledge to preserve its vast capital.

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On October 27, 2021, Banja Luka will experienced another earthquake. Because the return of Davor Dragicevic is certainly for all those whose conscience is not clear. This time it is a positive earthquake that will lead to a reset of relations not only in the city of Banja Luka. Davor’s return marks the beginning of the final phase in an exhausting struggle for the rule of law. Fights that will ultimately place criminals where they should have been a long time ago, and forever end the rule of organized crime in the entities and the state. The Justice for David has kept its word . Father wasn’t left alone. We won’t negotiate. We cannot forgive.

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