Emotional addressing by Arijana and Muriz Memić: Tomorrow we will demand the resignation of Sabina Sarajlija

After five years, the investigation into the death of Dženan Memić has been launched from the deadlock. After SIPA members searched and arrested Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac this morning, Arijana and Muriz Memić addressed tonight through the Facebook group “Justice for Dženan”.

“Today is a good day, as much as one day can be without our Dženan. Today is the day when justice finally knocked on our door. The road is certainly still long, but its end is in sight and everything we will do from now on we will do with even greater will and even greater strength. We are telling Ms. Mutap-Ramić that people have come, but not Dad, people who are not afraid to do their job have come. We move on, we know the truth and we will not stop until all of you who are involved in the murder of our Jennan are held accountable. I want to thank Gordana Tadić. We have repeatedly said that we have confidence and we see that she did not betray us. We are not able to call everyone and answer, today is a great day for us “, said Arijana.

She announced that she would submit a request for the resignation of the Chief Prosecutor of the KS Prosecutor’s Office, Sabina Sarajlija, tomorrow at 11 am, in front of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office.

“Gatherings are not prohibited, subject to measures. Tomorrow, together with the family, we will demand the resignation of Sabina Sarajlija. Without you, we would not have come to this “, said Arijana.

Muriz Memić thanked everyone who believed he had been telling the truth for five years.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown that they are professionals. We welcomed this day, I knew a month ago that this was going to happen. I would like to thank Gordana Tadić, who showed that she is a professional and her associates. Thanks to them, the fight continues. It will be a tough fight, the investigation has expanded. In these five years I have learned everything. You all know that on February the 8th 2016, Dženan was killed and you know what Dalida Burzić was doing then. The first one told me that Dženan was killed, only to later file an indictment for a traffic accident, “Muriz said.

He added that he had met honest police officers, prosecutors and judges in the last five years. He especially thanked Judge Igor Todorović for his professional work, although, as Memić said, he had pressure. He said that the verdict is in the Supreme Court, which rejected it for the first time, and now they are waiting to see what they will do.

“Sabina Sarajlija never received me, she could have done it to be Gordana Tadić. However, Sarajlija is not a professional, she did not want to do that. She even said she would see how the Supreme Court would rule. The state prosecutor’s office did not wait for this decision, but opened an investigation into organized crime. Tomorrow I will ask for a meeting with Sabina Sarajlija and submit a request for her resignation. I can’t protest, it can only be a peaceful gathering, just to give her a message to Sabina Sarajlija that I will not give up. She could have done it – she didn’t want to. Thanks to everyone who was with us. There are some other people who helped that I am not allowed to name. In the end, I will take pictures with them. We expect new arrests and that Dalida Burzić will be suspended. I submitted a petition to the citizens for the members of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council to resign. Let it be at least their moral act. That day when I submitted the petition, they appointed Sead Kreštalica as Sabina Sarajlija’s deputy. You will see what the investigation will show who Sead Kreštalica is, “said Memić.

He also thanked the lawyer Ifet Feraget and all the citizens who helped.

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