Davor Dragicevic was brought in for questioning due to the announcement that he would come to Krajina Square

Davor Dragicevic, the father of the victim David Dragicevic, whose murder case from 2018 has not yet been resolved, was taken to the Centar police station in Banja Luka today. The ambulance also intervened because Davor wasn’t feeling well.

The information was published by Ozren Perduv, the leader of the Justice for David group.


“Davor Dragicevic has just been taken in for an informative interview. They came to his house. They took him to the PS Center. See you there “, said Perduv briefly.

In the live video that Davor published earlier, it can be heard that the police officer tells him that he came to hand him an invitation for an informative interview regarding his announcements in the media that he will come to Krajina Square on January 9.

“Are you calling 30,000 people to come and talk?” Did Dragan Lukac invite people to come to the Square? ”Dragicevic asked.

The police officer denied, to which Davor said: “Yes, look in the media.”

Dragicevic also stated that Ozren Perduv and Sofija Grmus are on the list for questioning.

After he left with the police officers, Davor got sick, so the ambulance intervened.

Davor Dragicevic was released from the hospital where he was after he had an asthma attack while going for an informative questioning at the Center Banja Luka police station. As he posted in a video in the group “Justice for David”, he feels good.

“I am alive and well, at home. Davor Dragicevic will be on Krajina Square on January 9 with the banner “Justice for David” and he will not disturb anyone in that. I want everyone to know. I know I’m crazy, but these criminals are a little stronger. They left me in Paprikovac and said they didn’t need me. I froze, no phone, no money, nothing. This is all the report of Lukač and his associates today. The report is immediately being sent to the prosecutor’s office – a complaint about the actions of police officers “, said Dragičević.

He said he would “get justice for David and not give up”.

“It simply came to our notice then. Daddy is fine, don’t worry “, said Dragicevic.

In the end, he thanked everyone who helped him tonight.

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