Davor Dragičević sent a message to the RS Ministry of the Interior: Criminals, fascists you killed my child

David Dragicevic’s father, Davor, wrote on Facebook after information that Aleksandar Macan, a suspect in the murder of Sarajevo police officers, had surrendered.

It is already known that Macan’s wife Marijana Savčić-Macan works in the RS Ministry of the Interior.

That was exactly the reason for Davor to announce himself.

He reiterated earlier allegations about the RS Interior Ministry and its employees.

“They say I use harsh words and qualifications, deny me. You can’t because everything I said is true and I will repeat it. The RS Ministry of the Interior, led by Dragan Lukac, became a criminal-drug-fascist organization. You killed my child and as long as the culprits in your ranks are not in prison, there will be no peace. Deny me, clear the ranks of the killers and restore the trust of the citizens in that institution. Justice for David “, Davor wrote on Facebook.

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