Davor Dragicevic: It is true, I am returning to BiH!


Davor Dragicevic confirmed in a telephone conversation for GERILA.info that he would return to Banja Luka by the end of the month.

“It is true, and the reason is, among other things, the refusal of the local court for my political asylum in Austria. It is tragic and sad that this is also a political decision, because the first judge in charge of my case had already made a decision on granting my asylum, but she was suddenly replaced and now the decision is such that I am left without asylum, “he said. Davor Dragicevic for GERILA.

“My ex-wife Suzana was told by the former Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH that she knows that my life in BiH is endangered the moment I return to the country. But I can’t do it anymore, it’s time for this to end, whether it will be the MUP or the Prosecutor’s Office, we’ll see. I also know that I will be arrested immediately upon arrival in BiH, and I am ready for that. I am leaving my son’s grave again, this time in another country, but I am coming to fight for truth and justice “, emphasizes Davor.

Asked whether there was a possibility to stay in Austria, in the sense of appealing the court’s decision or obtaining an ordinary, work permit, Davor said that was not an option.

“Political asylum has its weight and would mean this whole case of the murder of my son David. I did not go to Vienna to work on a construction site or enjoy some millions, about which lies are spread by the media close to criminals, but to save common sense. But maybe this is how it has to be, to go back down for the truth “, Davor tells us.

As for the information in the case of the resolution of David’s murder, Davor points out that there will be a change soon:

“I have information that some high-ranking RS MUP officials and actors in this crime will soon be arrested and then, I hope, prosecuted, such as Ilic and Kremenovic. Kostresevis has all the evidence, he has all the information, but I don’t know why he is still silent. “

“I still don’t know whether I will come by car, and then probably be arrested at the border in Gradiška, or I will come by plane to Sarajevo. We will see, while I finish some paperwork here, I will announce to all media when I know the exact date and place of my return to BiH “, Dragicevic concludes at the end of the conversation for our portal.

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