The print media and numerous portals report the news of Davor Dragicevic’s imminent return to Banja Luka as a sensation, knowing how many times so far Davor Dragicevic has been on the verge of returning. The news did not surprise Justice for David activists. Citizens’ comments on the portals are divided. From full support to resentment from false profiles in the service of the ruling parties in RS and the Federation. The official government in RS has not yet commented on this issue, according to information from insiders.

The ruling regime in RS, faced with numerous scandals, received the news of Davor’s return in a way, we only needed this on top of everything. It remains to be seen what steps the regime will take when Davor enters the country. One of the known scenarios is arrest immediately after crossing the border. However, the regime is aware that such a development would cause huge public dissatisfaction.

Whatever scenario is chosen, it is certain that the fight to solve the murder of David Dragicevic will enter a new phase with Davor’s return. Public pressure on the prosecution will be multiplied. Davor has already announced the imminent arrest of some high-ranking members of the MUP. The government will not want or be able to protect them. Because they will try to limit the investigation to a certain level of government. So a new headache for an already shaky regime is certain. It is also certain that the government in RS, as well as the prosecutor’s offices at the entity and state level, will soon find themselves in big trouble.

Because Davor is not returning to beg . He comes for truth and justice for his son.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness

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