Davor Dragicevic: I am not returning to Banja Luka, because the killers are still free under the protection of the (non) National Assembly of the RS

The start of the trial of the criminal technicians of the Banja Luka Police Administration, Mikica Marijanac and Zoran Bosnjak, accused of destroying evidence in the David Dragicevic case, has been postponed because the acting prosecutor Dalibor Vreco did not appear in court due to coronavirus infection. The new start date for the trial is June 17th. They are accused of throwing David’s boxers after the autopsy, which were assessed as possible crown evidence in the evidentiary process. Members of the Justice for David group protested in front of the court.

The guest of today’s “Dnevnik” was the father of the murdered David Dragicevic, Davor, and we talked to him about the prolongation of the case and the constant prolongation of the agony. The main court hearing in the case of the suspected crime technicians Mikica Marijanac and Zoran Bosnjak was to be held today. It was postponed because prosecutor Dalibor Vreco has a corona.

What do you expect from the trial given what they are suspected of?

This is just another confirmation that the institutions of the Republic of Srpska, the judicial institutions, that is, are a hotbed of corruption, crime and nepotism, I said a long time ago that I do not believe in their work and do not acknowledge it. This is just another confirmation, what I claimed from the beginning, me and the group Justice for David and my lawyer Ifet Feraget, that they are only working to cover up the murder, the organized murder of my son David Dragicevic. I think that it is high time for the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina to end this farce and this agony, and to take decisive steps in the near future, and that is to arrest all those responsible for the murder of my son. With this day, I simply think that the RS institutions have lost all credibility and, of course, the trust of the RS citizens. They have simply placed themselves above these institutions, they have unfortunately placed themselves above themselves, they should perform functions in the interest and in the service of the citizens.

With the arrival of Stanivuković at the head of Banja Luka, the pressure on the members of the group Justice for David also decreased. David’s heart is again at the place of suffering and on Krajina Square. Are you thinking of returning to Banja Luka?

I am not thinking about returning to Banja Luka, because the killers are walking freely. Today I announced the same, you have an Audi A6 member of the sect of Dragan Lukac, ie. Republic of Srpska Ministry of internal affairs who continue to monitor and intimidate members of the Justice for David group, what you claim, I do not claim in Banja Luka, nothing has changed. In Banja Luka, the killers are still free under the protection of the (non) National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, no one sided with us and demanded the responsibility of the institutions. You’ve seen it with this today. The fact that the Heart is not touched now, so I guess it would be normal in a city where freedoms and democracy are respected. See what the difference is between Banja Luka and Sarajevo. From the first day, no one touches the wounded stone in the Great Alley. Muriz Memic was not persecuted by the federal forces or by anyone who harassed or persecuted the Justice group for Dzenan. As long as the killers are free, and above all I mean Dragan Lukac, the minister of the so-called Internal Affairs and Milorad Dodik, I do not intend to return to Banja Luka. That is why it is now up to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina to prosecute and arrest those responsible, and from the first moment I claim we have evidence that the Republic of Srpska Ministry of internal affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office and political leadership of the Republic of Srpska, led by Milorad Dodik and Zeljka Cvijanovic, are involved.

Do you believe that the current opposition, if it comes to power, could change something?

Nothing can be changed because the so-called opposition is looking at its own interest, and those are functions and chairs. I think so for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Speaking of some opposition, why nobody from the opposition apart from Muriz and me announced and made it clear that these two cases and discovering the perpetrators would be a priority. They will not do that because they know very well who these people are in Sarajevo and in Banja Luka, that it is the top of the SNSD and the top of the SDA. So they only pick their crumbs and I absolutely do not trust the opposition in the Republic of Srpska. We do not have the same view on many important things, and that is the rule of law and the right of man to life. So I don’t see any person except maybe Nebojsa Vukanovic, but unfortunately he is all alone. That is why we founded the justice movement. We are simply not on the same path with these people. We are fighting for justice for my child, and they are fighting for power and their positions. Anyone to win, in fact, if those who have been in power for 20-30 years win, either the position or the opposition, they just change their places with the known rhetoric of war “we will separate”. I can say, we will separate and not in a peaceful way but against corrupt politicians and the murderers of David and Dzenan. Very soon we will separate, rest assured, we will not live with murderers and criminals.

(O Kanal)

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