Davor Dragicevic arrives in Sarajevo on Wednesday

Davor Dragicevic, the father of the murdered David Dragicevic, announced the date of his return to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He should land in Sarajevo on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. around 2:20 p.m.

Members of the Justice for David will go to Sarajevo to wait for Davor.


If Davor Dragicevic or any activist of the group Justice for David loses a hair on their head in the next period we will consider that the rule of law has completely ceased to exist. And we will not feel obliged to respect legal norms. No legal way will be possible anymore.

We have given confidence and support to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. We expect that trust to be justified. We expect the prosecution to fulfill its obligation to preserve the rule of law.

Prosecutors and courts are on the move. The state is on the move. Which must finally show whether the state or the instrument is in the hands of crime and criminals. You’re on the move. If you’re not there, keep quiet. But in that case, any kind of fight against criminal clans is legitimate. And every kind of organization of citizens with the goal of self-protection is legitimate.

There is no more time to wait.



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