Davor Dragičevic addressed on Facebook after he was not granted asylum

Davor Dragicevic addressed on Facebook last night after his asylum application was denied.


Good afternoon dear Justice for David. Here I have one great news. I, Davor Dragicevic am returning to Banja Luka at the end of this month, and together with what is left of Justice for David, honorable, honest and brave people, I am going to the end, for my sanctuary, my son David. Against the RS Ministry of the Interior, which killed my child, the Austrian court claims that it did not. The police from Austria were with Gordana Tadic and she told them that my life was in danger, but who would believe that now. This is a political decision, I have been here for almost 3 years and I came to my senses a bit. I have nothing to be angry about. If I’m angry with someone, then I need to vent my anger on those who are directly involved in the murder and covering up murder of my son. These are: Darko Ilic, Dubravko Kremenovic, Lukac, the Directorate for Organized Crime and Terrorism. and many more.

Sinisa Kostresevic completely exposed their crime and their intentions, but why he and Milorad Dodik Burle are not allowed to make it public now, I will not discuss it at all. I return for justice for my David. Let it be clear immediately. Arrest me and do whatever you want, I will not hide in the Federation. I’m from Banja Luka. I’ll be there. Although many opposition politicians are on the side of the killers, that is another matter and that will be resolved later.

We could see that no indictment was filed against the police officers for beating Bruno Batinic. They are defended by the devil’s law office Karanovic-Mikanovic, and Sasa Labotic, who filed an indictment against my dead son. It is all a joint criminal enterprise. I wish there were more people on our side, but there aren’t. It doesn’t matter, David will win, I will win, justice will win. Like I said, take me in, arrest me, do what you want, kill me. We will no longer allow anyone to try to bring us on RTRS and accuse us of a coup, special forces were waiting down in the basement and inspectors in civilian clothes upstairs.

Thank you once again. I must say than you for the first time, to the honest part of the RS Ministry of the Interior that gives me information and support. They have no power to stand up to murderers and criminals. They have children, a family, a job, everything is clear to me.

Basically all you Facebook warriors who have been spitting at me and talking about everything for the past 3 years, here I am. I am coming back so come to the square and tell me in my face everything you have been talking around. I will tell you everything, and Burle, and the position, and the prosecution and the court, and most of all to the opposition.

See you in Banja Luka. I still have to consult with my lawyers, Ifet where, what, as well as lawyers in Banja Luka. Does not matter. I am ready for anything now. My daughter Teodora will become an Austrian citizen in 2-3 years and I will give her all these papers that I received from the Austrian state. We will see how the diaspora in Austria will react to this decision and if something happens to me in the BL ghetto where criminals and murderers are still in power.

Ilic, Kremenovic Lukac, I am now returning and going to the end, against all of you, your police squabbles. I don’t care what happens to me anymore, I don’t care. I can tell you that I am happy to be back to finish the job and I will never live there again in that city in that state in that entity. Then I will go seek my peace and that I may visit the grave of my child.

Justice for David, dear son, Ćaća is going to the end. Soon in Banja Luka.

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