Slavica is a member and activist of the group Justice for David, whose support and creativity and her daily ambition bring new innovations that adorn the homes of many.

Like many others, she found out about the murder of David Dragicevic through social networks, if we take into account that she does not live in Banja Luka or Bosnia and Herzegovina, her selfless support for the Dragicevic family and the Justice for David group gained even more weight.

In the past four years, Slavica has launched several humanitarian actions, all in order to help and maintain the activities of the group in its own way.

The decision to make her handicrafts available to everyone is one in a series of activities by which she is recognized. By giving up her free time, her money, which she invests to make these works really look different and be a link with the character of David in the best possible way, she managed to show how creativity and humanity can be combined.

Through the statement she gave, you have the opportunity to read why she decided to take this humane test, and what are the moral values ​​that adorn her and her family.

Read Slavic’s statement in full:

I was born and raised in a family where human values ​​came first.

My family was one of the wealthiest in the whole of Glamoč, but we never underestimated others who had less, and we also never lived “high”.

I was brought up to appreciate what I have and to be able to have and achieve everything only through my efforts and work, not to “worship” those who have and not to humiliate those who do not.

Our elders always said, help if you can and as much as you can and if you can’t don’t help.

I had everything I wanted and everything a child needed, but everything was within normal limits, without “waste”.

And then came the 90s, war, suffering and like most you are left without everything material, but the upbringing you brought from your parents’ home remains forever etched in us, or you will continue to live as a man or as a non-man.

And suddenly I became one of those who needed help and who not only had enough moral support but also material support to be able to survive.

But thanks to that upbringing that I brought from my parents’ home, I shared everything I received as help with others who were in the same situation as me.

And then the man recovers and with your work and effort you get back on your feet.

When I found out about the murder of David Dragicevic and when I joined the PzD group, like most of us, I thought that only moral support was enough, because we all hoped that the case would be resolved soon.

However, as time went on I became aware that it is not enough just to like the announcements, but as an individual, motivated by upbringing and what I have experienced in the past to survive, I need to do more. Because in order for the struggle to continue, to live on, moral support is not enough.

I am the mother of a girl who is David’s age and watching and enjoying her growing up and her successes, I think with pain, sadness and anger, who took it upon herself to deny David and his parents that pleasure.

The very thought keeps me on this path even more.

Let us help others who need help so that others can help us when we find ourselves in the same or similar situation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated with me and are participating in all the actions so far.

Once again, I would like to mention that just liking announcements and “patting on the shoulder” is not enough, this fight also requires money to survive to the end.

Our little means a lot to someone.


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