Citizens’ Association “Path of Justice” Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded by human rights activists “Justice for David” and the humanitarian organization “Justice for David and all children of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Vienna, Austria, founded by the parents of the murdered David Dragicevic, addressed the District Public Prosecutor’s Office today for access to information.

SUBJECT: Request for access to information – submitted

Pursuant to the Law on Access to Information in the Republic of Srpska, we request that you provide us with access to the following information, in relation to case number 710 K 291612 19 K

Who is the acting prosecutor in case number 710 K 291612 19 K?

We received a confirmed oral answer that the acting prosecutor at the trial of crime technicians, Mikica Marjanac and Zoran Bosnjak, who are charged with destroying David Dragicevic’s underwear, is the criminal prosecutor Dalibor Vreco !!! We expect a written answer and confirmation in the next few days.

Dalibor Vreco is not only in these cases. He was also the acting prosecutor after the criminal charges against Inspector Sinisa Kojdic. The criminal charges were filed by crime technicians from the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry, accusing Kojdic of ordering them to throw away David’s underwear. In that procedure, Dalibor Vreco made a decision not to conduct an investigation! In addition, the same Dalibor Vreco filed an indictment against the mentioned crime technicians for throwing David’s underwear. The trial is finally starting in a few days, but we will see what will happen and in which direction it will go. There does not appear to be any prosecutor other than Dalibor Vreco who could deal with cases related to the murder of David Dragicevic. Instead of deviating from these objects alone, ie. to request a personal exemption from those cases, he continues to be a part of all that after all that has been said on his account, first of all by the parents of the murdered David Dragicevic and their lawyer, Mr. Feraget. Who would have a motive to do that and why? I think the answer is self-evident.

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