Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas

Human rights activist Ozren Perduv spoke on behalf of Justice for David and congratulated the upcoming holidays:

“We wish all the people who celebrate, all Orthodox Christians, a merry Christmas Eve and tomorrow’s Christmas. We will be here tomorrow, so we will call to wish you a Merry Christmas. We are still here even though it is Christmas Eve, one thousand and twenty days. We will soon have one activity towards the mayor of Banja Luka, we will announce that on Friday. A very specific request concerning Justice for David and the people from Justice for David, as well as everything that has happened in the past year and a half. More details will not be known on Friday, the first working day after Christmas and Christmas. It will all be published in the group and in other places, it will be handed over to the mayor for a protocol and we expect a response from him as soon as possible. 

We expected that certain actions had already happened, however, they did not happen, but we want, believe and hope that they will happen in some future period, as the systematization in the City Administration follows, reduction of the number of departments, appointment of acting and hope It is said that some people who have been heads of departments until now will no longer be acting, and it would be best if they were not in the Banja Luka City Administration either. More details on Friday. 

We have not yet received a summons from the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel at the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council. Earlier, we announced that at the beginning of January we would need to respond to the call, to come to Sarajevo and testify about the circumstances of that shameful prosecutor Slavica Matijaš when she addressed us with the words: “These criminals again.” We expect that invitation soon, allegedly for January 11. However, we haven’t gotten anything yet, but given the holidays, we’re just getting back to some work assignments and day-to-day chores, and I believe maybe that’s why we haven’t gotten a call yet. We are expecting him. These are some of the concrete activities that follow. And of course, there will be preparations for the celebration of David’s birthday, January the 31th in about twenty days. Relatively fast. Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas once again so that we can all celebrate it in the family circle. Peace and all the best to you and your loved ones. ”

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