Citizens demand the responsibility of police officers in BL

The Court relieves the citizens of Banja Luka of the responsibility they are charged with misdemeanor charges for violating public order and peace. citizens who received misdemeanor reports announce that they will seek the responsibility of police officers.

We will look for the responsibility of police officers who filed misdemeanor charges against the citizens of Banja Luka, although there was no reason for this, as confirmed by the Banja Luka Basic Court in nine acquittals, say in the informal group Justice for David.

The court issued nine acquittals following misdemeanor charges from Banja Luka police in May last year, which accused citizens of disturbing public order and peace by shouting “Justice” and “Justice for David”.

 Because this is clearly a matter of clear discrimination and pressure, we will look for the responsibility of individuals, say in Justice for David. They also remind that all costs of unnecessary hundred trials will be paid by citizens of Republika Srpska.

Dejan Lolic received a misdemeanor charge last May for shouting “Justice.” He says the Court’s decision is the only logical one.

The court stated in the reasoning of all the judgments that there was no violation of public order and peace, as citizens express dissatisfaction with the work of institutions, to which they are entitled.

What is also interesting about the trial is that some police officers who testified testified that they did not know why citizens were gathering, and that the court clearly stated in the reasoning that this was a well-known fact.

Trials on the same basis continue in March.

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