Back in court! STOP police repression and discrimination!


Trials are scheduled due to last year’s gathering of PEOPLE in the park next to the Church of Christ the Savior (HHS). Namely, last year, at the beginning of the crown, all gatherings were banned in groups of more than 3 people. ”In the park next to HHS. That ban was lifted on 11.5. last year. Up to 50 people are allowed to gather. ON THE SAME DAY, I was invited to an informative interview scheduled for May 12th, 2020 when we announced the continuation of socializing. During the conversation, the station commander Vladan Šikuljak told me that further gatherings (ie socializing) were forbidden to us, because they were political rallies and had to be announced (HA HA HA).

I said that there was nothing to it and that no one could forbid us to socialize. last year, after a long break, we continued to socialize again. However, a large number of police officers came who legitimized us and issued ILLEGAL orders to get off the bench. Of course, we continued to socialize. The 13th as well as the 14th were dishonorable. and there were no more of them. For the 12th and 13.5. they issued more than 20 misdemeanor warrants against more than 15 people from “Justice for David”. We handed everything over to the court. The trials are scheduled for June. So, soon. I believe that you will read with disbelief what is written in those warrants: zone, in the immediate vicinity of HHS without previously submitting a report to the competent authority, putting themselves in a situation where, at the time of the declared coronary virus pandemic, they contribute to its spread and endanger human lives ”.

Well, people! As far as human stupidity can go. This was not written by a child, but by a police officer!

See you in court on June 17th, 2021. at 9 o’clock!

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