Another 14 lawsuits against human rights activists “Justice for David”

Human rights activists  “Justice for David” are still being repressed by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior.

The president of the political party “Movement of Justice”, founded by human rights activists “Justice for David”, Ozren Perduv, set a statement on our portal: “The goal has remained the same as from the first day of the gathering. However, during these, over 800 days, there is nothing that we have not experienced, and not only us, but above all the Dragicevic`s family. Many of us have experienced persecution, repression and discrimination by the Ministry of Interior of the Republika Srpska, unfortunately by those who should protect the rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution. So, we are trying to find Justice through the court, through the judiciary and to get a certain kind of protection.

Fighters for TRUTH AND JUSTICE are tried, while murderers are still walking free. Ozren Perduv says that the citizens will not give up Justice for David.

“We are in the process of collecting summonses and preparing the defense. As far as we have seen, the whole of June and the whole of July, 14 more lawsuits are scheduled against human rights activists” Justice for David “. There will probably be more summonses for trial, all these summons are due to shouting “Justice” in front of the Temple, which is completely insane, because we have already been acquitted before in front of the Basic Court. The police have the opportunity to drop all these processes, but they do not give up, they are bringing “witnesses”, false witnesses, who try, strain, work, do their best to prove that we have shouted “Justice”, disturbed someone and disturbed public order and peace. It’s completely insane! However, it shows who they are and what their intentions are. Their intentions are certainly dishonorable, but we know that very well and we are looking forward to those convicts, just to show it every time, to prove it, the media follow it and they should follow it, that image and message should be sent to the public, what the police is doing here in Banja Luka.”

We are still here, we persist in this fight, we appeal to all citizens to get involved, either through the Association of Citizens “Path of Justice” or through the political party “Movement of Justice”, to help us, because our goal is probably the same for everyone, our goal is universal, our goal is general. We live in a society in which an elected, supposedly elected government terrorizes its citizens, covers up murders and conducts a crackdown on citizens.” said Perduv.

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