As we usually do, Sunday afternoon is the day when we visit the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas – the place where the lifeless body of David Dragicevic was found. We remind you that the wish, request and appeal of the parents of the murdered David is to stop the daily gatherings of Justice for David on Krajina Square – David Square, as well as the broadcasting of daily live videos.

It is proposed that live on Facebook and gatherings of Justice for David be held when significant events take place (important dates, trials, conferences, etc.). David’s parents have every possible right when it comes to Justice for David and their decisions regarding Justice for David should not be called into question. We respect the wish, request and appeal of the parents and it will be as they decided. Justice for David managed to return to Krajina Square – David Square in December last year, after the verdict of the Basic Court in Banja Luka which confirmed that according to Justice for David it seems continuous discrimination. From that day on, we are free on our Krajina Square – David Square. Justice for David succeeded in the intention for the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to take over the Dragicevic case. Thus, we stopped asking for justice for David from the institutions of the Republika Srpska. We are now seeking justice from the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. They are on the move. We are waiting for them to make their move. The citizens of Banja Luka had the opportunity for days, weeks, months, but also years to hear our cries from Krajina Square – David Square.

Who understands – understands. Who does not, never will. No one can forbid citizens to gather anywhere, nor is it a wish at any time, but the parents of the murdered David Dragicevic have every right to decide in what way and in what form the fight for the truth about their son’s murder will be fought.


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