An invitation to the media to come tomorrow to file criminal charges against police officers

To all media representatives,

We would like to inform you that tomorrow we will file criminal charges against all police officers who issued misdemeanor warrants to members of the informal group of citizens “Justice for David” for shouting “Justice” in front of the Church of Christ the Savior in May 2019. We remind you that more than 80 misdemeanor warrants have been issued and all citizens have been released from misdemeanor liability. The criminal report also covers the commander of the Banja Luka – Centar police station, as well as the head of the Banja Luka police administration. On that occasion, we will address the media in front of the Banja Luka Police Department at 12 o’clock, then we will gather in front of the Church of Christ the Savior at 1 o’clock and finally at 2 pm we will submit the criminal charges to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka. We invite you to follow this event.

With respect,

Informal group of citizens “Justice for David”

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