Activists asked the District Public Prosecutor’s Office for access to information

Today, 04.09.2021 Sofija Grmusa and Ozren Perduv sent a request to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka to provide them with access to information related to certain cases. The acting prosecutor in this case is Tanja Mrdja.

SUBJECT: Request for access to information

“Based on the Law on Freedom of Access to Information in the Republic of Srpska, we request that we be granted access to the following information, in connection with case number T13 0 KT 0055622 21,” the request states.

Namely, on 08.02.2021 activists Sofija Grmusa and Ozren Perduv were informed that the District Public Prosecutor’s Office had issued an order of suspending the investigation against them two for the criminal offense of endangering security under article 150/2 of the RS CC, and in connection with article 28 of the RS CC.

“Also by letter dated 15/02/2021 you informed us that the proceedings against Davor Dragicevic were separated from the proceedings against Sofija Grmusa and Ozren Perduv”.

“On this occasion, we ask you to provide us with the following information:

  1. What is the reason for issuing such an order? Only information was provided that the investigation was suspended, but no explanation.
  2. Why is the procedure against Davor Dragicevic separated in relation to the two of us?
  3. Why was the procedure against the two of us suspended and not against Davor Dragicevic? ”

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