We are humanitarian organization: “Gerechtigkeit für David und alle Kinder von Bosnien und Herzegovina” (Justice for David and all the Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina) from Vienna, founded by Davor Dragičević and Suzana Radanović – parents of the murdered David Dragičević from Banja Luka. 


The loss of a child is something which most BiH citizens develop the greatest sympathy, and it is precisely this empathy that has broken down the ethnic borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina and turned the protests into mass demonstrations. This has created great concern among the political elites, who see themselves and their governance model based on “ethnic division and fueling fear of others” at risk. Absence of politics and dissatisfaction with the system has united Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks for Davor Dragičević’s struggle for justice.

Brief introduction and background

David Dragičević (21) was a multitalented young man from Banja Luka. He studied at two faculties – the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka and online IT Academy from Zemun. He had been earning a pocket money ever since he was in secondary school by repairing his friends’ computers and giving private lessons in mathematics and computer science to primary and secondary school students. In this way he wanted to help his father, who is a waiter with very modest income and large loans, cover the costs for his education. After his parents had divorced, his mother moved to Austria offering him an opportunity to leave the country where he was born and move to a developed environment. However, he decided to stay in Banja Luka with his father Davor. He has two brothers and a sister.