An ideal opportunity to look back at the work of the public media service of Republic of Srpska (RTRS), which is anything but public and free. This time we will do it through a large number of photos – their texts. The only freedom that RTRS has is the freedom to lie, deceive, manipulate and incite hatred!

RTRS showed its true face in full capacity towards the group Justice for David. If you type the terms “Justice for David” and “RTRS” into an Internet search engine, you will get countless number of their texts. None of them are affirmative! They were all written with the aim of rounding up and minimizing the Justice for David group as much as possible, and even presenting it as a threat to Republic of Srpska!

For one of the shameful contributions related to Justice for David, the CRA fined them 16,000 KM. Who paid for it? Citizens who pay the RTV fee! Instead of paying Siniša Mihailović, Draško Milinović, Nada Arlov, Nada Veletić and many other so-called journalists of this so-called media house that knowingly invented and marketed lies about citizens. This is just one in a series of sentences handed down!

When citizens pay 7.5 KM of RTV fees, half of that amount goes to BHRT, and a quarter to entity services. Therefore, RTRS owns 1,875 KM. So, in order to pay a fine of 16,000 KM, it is necessary for more than 8,500 BiH citizens to pay the RTV fee !!!

Where is Sinisa Mihailovic today? He became consul in Istanbul overnight. He is not the first to be rewarded for all the atrocities he has committed. RTRS is an accomplice in the persecution of citizens who seek truth and justice and nothing else. Instead of helping citizens, they draw targets on their heads !!!

Unfortunately, RTRS has become the enemy of the citizens, that is, the enemy of all those who rebel and demand their rights! In addition to the police, RTRS is the protector of crime and criminals!

Targets are openly drawn on people’s foreheads! As they sow, so shall they reap! Everyone will answer – someday.


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