When the group Justice for David stood on the Banja Luka city square for the first time on March 26, 2018, the fight against the corrupt system began. At that time, no one could have guessed that the state would remain silent for 1300 days after the brutal murder of student David Dragicevic. In these 1300 days, all entity authorities have been abused by criminal clans and criminals who have held the highest positions in the RS and BiH institutions. They used the entire state apparatus with the aim of covering up the abduction and murder of David Dragicevic. Institutions of the RS judicial system have also been abused.

Thus, the Banja Luka District Prosecutor’s Office, led by Chief Prosecutor Zelimir Lepir and Acting Prosecutor Dalibor Vreca, conducted the investigation in a way that would never end and that the brutal murder would be forgotten and covered up. In these 1300 days we have survived many injustices. 1300 days, four large and magnificent gatherings, we hosted journalists from all over the region but also from almost all European countries. We also hosted journalists from distant Mexico, distant Japan, Canada and many other countries. We have managed to keep the focus of the European and world public on the unusual situation in which the state is placed in the function of protecting criminals and murderers. We survived an unprecedented police torture that began on December 25, 2018. years. Then, armed special forces brutally attacked the peacefully gathered citizens, women and children. We survived Davor’s expulsion from the state, lawsuits, arrests and trials. We have survived blackmail and threats.

In these 1300 days we have survived the exhumation of David’s remains and the transfer of the body to Austria. Which was especially painful and sad. But we survived. And they worked hard every day to solve the murder. Behind us are hundreds of meetings with foreign and domestic organizations dealing with the protection of human rights, representatives of the international community in BiH and with many ambassadors and embassies. Behind us are meetings with prosecutors. Countless letters, complaints, lawsuits and requests. All this resulted in the engagement of a European legal expert (Reinhard Priebe) and the takeover of the Dragicevic case by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. However, we are openly telling the state prosecutor’s office that the patience of parents and the Justice for David group is running out. And that there is not much time left. We demand concrete moves as soon as possible.

We owe gratitude to lawyer Ifet Feraget, but also to other lawyers in the group. We also owe gratitude to the free media, led by BN television, H1 television, as well as some Banja Luka radio stations and portals, but also to many European and world media houses. We also owe gratitude to all the good people in the country and abroad who helped this fight in any way. We will not list them but they will recognize themselves. The Justice group for David promises to all of you, and to them as criminals.

We will not stop until the final victory of law and justice over darkness comes

There is no forgetting and forgiveness


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