When there is no justice, freedom is silenced. When people are trampled by a boot, that boot can only represent occupation. When you cover your face with a mask to beat “your” people and protect murderers, then you are a criminal and a potential murderer.

December 30 marks another black anniversary of the persecution, planting and attempts to provoke bloodshed on the streets of Banja Luka. How dark and cold that night was. How monstrous was their plan.

A rainy and cold December night threatened to turn into the Banja Luka version of the Night of the Long Knives, with the intention of removing forever all those who dared to ask the regime who killed David. All that night, it was agreed and ready for the final showdown between those who protect the murderers and Davor Dragicevic and the activists of the Justice for David. The city was under siege by an incredible police force. But miraculously, all roads to the institutions were free, and the institutions themselves were poorly secured, mostly by general police officers. An endless mass of people moved through the city without the slightest incident, seeking only truth and justice for David. That night, the road to the RTRS public service building was paved with betrayal and plans for Davor Dragicevic and the Justice for David group to break into the RTRS facility. No, that plan was not Davor’s plan, because there was no reason to go inside. It’s just a building. The buildings itself are not the enemies. People are to blame, criminals are to blame. How it became clear that Davor was not naive, and that he would not fulfill anyone’s wishes. When it became obvious that Davor wont enter the institutions by force, the regime became more and more nervous, and soon a frantic savagery of an entire armed army began. They hunted us that night as hunters chase and hunt wild beasts. Many activists and citizens were arrested or mistreated on the streets of Banja Luka. And Davor Dragicevic himself managed to get out of the ring, and until he left the country. He hid because of the danger of liquidation.

Then as well as now Davor and the group Justice for David did not destroy the city or the constitutional order. We have fought and are fighting to tear institutions out of the jaws of criminals, tycoons and foreign mercenaries. We are fighting for respect for the constitution and the law, for respect for human rights and European values. We are fighting to put the killers together with their helpers where they belong. We do not agree to compromises and we do not forget overnight who is who and what is what. The Justice for David group does not negotiate for David and does not give concessions to anyone. Today, three years later and after it has been proven that there was no coup d’etat. The conditions for Davor Dragicevic and Suzana Radanovic to file lawsuits against the RS Ministry of the Interior for discrimination and long-term persecution, and that the RS Ministry of the Interior committed a crime and a serious crime of persecution of Justice for David activists. These are the first two in a series of lawsuits that the RS Ministry of the Interior will soon receive at its address.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness


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