1118th day on the Square

On the 1118th day, the president of the association, Sofija Grmusa, addressed us. Good day good people, today is the 1118th day as we seek justice for David. and the accomplices are still at large, but only for a short time. We hope that the arrests in Banja Luka will begin soon.

Today we received an answer from the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely from the President of the Constitutional Court. Last week, we sent a letter to provide us with information, when a session is planned regarding the appeal sent by lawyer Ifet Feraget and Davor Dragicevic regarding the failure to conduct an adequate investigation. Their answer is already so well known that I will not read everything, but it refers to the pandemic and the impossibility of holding a session, as well as the fact that the case is so complex that they cannot “provide” an online session. Here is exactly what it says about it. “Because of the scope and seriousness of the allegations in the appeal. as well as the case itself, which requires an exhaustive discussion and analysis at the court session itself, this appeal could not be decided at the plenary session, which was held online. Due to these circumstances, the Constitutional Court is actively taking all necessary steps to find a way to overcome this situation and to hold a plenary session at the seat of the court as soon as possible to discuss and discuss all cases requiring such consideration, including this appeal.” If so, then we ask the question, what happened to the year before the Corona, since more than two years have passed, more precisely on March 15th, 2019., as the appeal was submitted to the Constitutional Court. We were in Austria then, on the day of David Dragicevic’s second funeral, we went there to support the parents. There was no Corona then. All that could have been done then and they could have organized that session. They were obliged to act urgently on the matter in this case.

It is really not clear to me which institution here defends the rights given by the constitution. Obviously none. It seems that Justice for David is the only one that does that and defends the rights of citizens. I also think that politics is behind everything and that it plays the biggest role in all this. Somehow we hoped that the Constitutional Court was that instance and that it was an institution above institutions. It is, but only theoretically, and in practice it is all completely different. We were personally convinced of that. This same court disgraced itself in the case of Dzenan Memic, where they rejected the appeal after three months. The verdict of the Cantonal Court confirmed everything that Ifet Feraget stated in that appeal. We will continue to put pressure.

The trial of crime technicians is soon approaching. Merlina Ivic and I are going because we were approved to be present at that trial in front of the association. What interests me is whether everyone will attend. We will meet them all in front of the court, and Dalibor Vreco, Zelimir Lepir, Sinisa Kojdic and Dragan Lukac, namely they are prosecution witnesses. We dream that it would be nice if SIPA would break in and arrest them all on the spot and then arrest the director of SIPA, because he should also be questioned about all the inclinations regarding the organized murder of David Dragicevic. Today, we also in the name of the association and personally as individuals, Nina and I sent a complaint to the Ombudsmen specifically regarding the acting prosecutor Dalibor Vreco for failing to conduct an adequate investigation, in order to cover up the organized murder of David Dragicevic. We will continue to send letters and complaints to all judicial institutions. What Justice for David is doing no one does. We do not have the death penalty, but we should at least temporarily return it for some people. It would be best if they were sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement, each alone to be in some hole, for 50 years.

The motivation is huge, and we got even stronger after the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina took over the case completely, opened an investigation and we hope that in the next month it will issue an order to conduct arrests against certain people. Lawyer Ifet Feraget said that he believes that at least between 10-12 people will be arrested. Davor Dragicevic, the father of the murdered young man, has been saying from the very beginning who is behind the murder of his son and who is covering it all up. The prosecution has all the evidence and all they have to do is start working and make arrests.

Let’s go to the end and Justice for David.

Thanks Sofia for the interview.

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