1103rd day of the gathering of Justice for David

Yesterday was the 1103rd day of the gathering of Justice for David, ie the 1103rd day when activists stood on Krajina Square, and unfortunately, it can be stated that nothing was done about the actual reason why we stood on Krajina Square at the first plave. On the occasion of the 1103rd day of the gathering, statements were made by the leaders of Justice for David, Ozren Perduv and Sofija Grmusa:

“Good day to everyone who is with us during live broadcast on Facebook today and not only today but all these days since we stood at this square. Today, we noticed an increased presence of police in civilian clothes. You can see an Audi in the background. In that Audi, there are two police officers in uniform, and three inspectors in civilian clothes are walking along the square. Some of us know those men from before, so we know they are police inspectors. We don’t know, maybe they are preparing some action. Maybe they will arrest somebody tonight. To which Sofia replies, “They, I don’t believe.”

Today, we received information from the office of the disciplinary prosecutor that disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the dishonorable prosecutor Slavica Matijas for what she did to us on December 1st when we were in front of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office and when we came to “send” Zelimir Lepir to retirement. Then we implied to him that he will go to prison first and then to retirement. We later learned that Zelimir Lepir had a birthday that day. So we congratulated the birthday in such a way. Then the dishonorable Slavica Matijas left the Prosecutor’s Office, went to the parking lot to re-park the car and in the meantime commented: “again these criminals”. We then reported her to the office of the disciplinary prosecutor. We had nothing to lose but we wanted to see what would happen. After that, we were invited to Sarajevo to give statements and today we received a notification that disciplinary proceedings were initiated against her. From that same office they even thanked us for taking the time and because we are supposedly doing a right thing. What happened is really trivial compared to everything else, and I am afraid that through these little things they want to show that they are working something. They would really do their job if they prosecuted Dalibor Vreco and Dalida Burzic who obstructed the Memic case. There are still many prosecutors obstructing these cases, but there are also judges who are doing the same. When they start prosecuting them, then we can say that something concrete is happening, “Ozren said.

“Back in 2018, Dalibor Vreco was reported but he has been working smoothly and performing the function of a prosecutor still. He is no longer working on the Dragicevic case because the case has been transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That man did what he wanted with the Dragicevic case for three years, that is. he did nothing to resolve the murder of David Dragicevic. On Saturday, at the public debate that we are organizing through Zoom, we will remind you in detail what Vreco did and how he covered up the murder of David Dragicevic, together with Zelimir Lepir, Sinisa Kojdic, Darko Ilic and others. There are more of them, but I mentioned the most important ones. To remind the public a little and to speed up the process of arresting Dalibor Vreco. On Saturday at 2 pm, the new Zoom session “OPEN ABOUT THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE”. Anyone can get involved and attend, and the link will be available on the group and on the Justice for David website. The moderator of this session is Merlina Ivic, vice president of the association “Path of Justice”. We also sent summonses and personally handed them over to all prosecutors from the District Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Republic Prosecutor’s Office, as well as prosecutors from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Prijedor. We sent a summons to Zelimir Lepir at the house address, and we sent a summons to the law office to the former prosecutor Sasa Labotic, who filed the indictment against the dead David. Of course, none of the above answered, which was to be expected “- said Sofija.

Justice for David!
Let’s go to the end!

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