1100 day of the gathering of Justice for David

Yesterday we marked the 1100th day of the gathering of Justice for David, ie the 1100th day since activists first stood on Krajina Square, and unfortunately, it can be stated that nothing was done about the actual reason why they stood on Krajina Square. On the occasion of the 1100 days of gathering, the leaders of Justice for David, Ozren Perduv and Sofija Grmusa, made statements:

“So the question that was asked 1100 days ago still has no answer. Some things happen sporadically but it is nothing, or it is a farce or if something is concrete and good then it goes very slowly. Almost not at all. When I say that something concrete is happening, I am talking about Mr. Ifet Feraget, he is doing it, but everything he is doing is going slowly even though he is doing great. For example, before the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is going very slowly, and the Constitutional Court could do a lot if it acted on the appeal filed two years ago. If the Constitutional Court was doing its job, everything would have been resolved in favor of the Dragicevic family, and maybe we would no longer be at this square. We might not be marking 1100 days like we do today. As things stand now we will probably be here on 1200 days and say the same things. Unfortunately.” said Ozren.

“Today is 1000 days since the Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against unidentified persons. It took Prosecutor Vreco 1,000 days to suspect Djordje Radjen for a criminal offense punishable by 3 years in prison, which is not the real reason for what Radjen should be suspected. It’s all a farce. They are accusing Djordje Radjen and Alen Kukic of something quite   different and they want to make new Seferovics out of them. The Seferovics are scapegoats from the Memic case. We know what the Memic family went through and it is really a disaster. They accused two gypsies there of a traffic accident, so they were tried, and they were released, not once but twice. I have already said this once before but now I will repeat it again, they seem to be forcing Muriz and Davor to cause a problem. In a way, it would be “normal” to make a mistake, what else to do after 3 or 5 years. We do not stand here and do not seek justice for someone of our own and you can only think like Davor and Muriza when we get annoyed. You can then imagine how it is for them. But thank goodness there’s Ifet. If it weren’t for him, who knows what Davor and Muriz would do, and that wouldn’t be anything strange. We all need to make sure that Davor and Muriz do nothing like that. What is also very sad is this people. We may notice some passing by and looking at us with disgust because most of them don’t understand anything. Such people are regrettable, they should not be criticized or anything but only regretted. Some of them think that we also get money for what we do. If that were the case, by now we would probably have taken enough money and gone to the Bahamas. Instead, we are insulted, persecuted, called by various names and that we are the destroyers of the Republika Srpska, etc. If anyone is building the Republika Srpska, it is us, it is Justice for David and Justice for Dzenan.

Sofija, can you tell us what happened today?

“Today, on 1100th day, we symbolically handed over the letter of urgency to the OHR, the OSCE, the Ombudsman and the Human Rights Committee to start using their powers and finally schedule that session and to accept the appeal filed by Ifet together with Davor two years ago. Then, on Saturday, the second session of the public debate on the topic OPEN ABOUT THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE will be held. The first session we had was OPEN ABOUT THE POLICE. There we could see what the police did to cover up the murder of David Dragicevic. We also sent summonses to each and every prosecutor who is in the District Public Prosecutor’s Office and Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, and tomorrow we will hand over the summons to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. They didn’t work today for some reason. We are going to the end and we will not give up. ” – said Sofija

“Today we calculated that the 1200th day falls on July 7th, 2021. years, quite symbolically, on the day of the second great protest. We would be so happy   we are not to wait for those 1200 days.

The fight with such a system is difficult and long, five years and 3 years. Terrible. And how many more families are in this situation, only they have come to terms with the situation and surrendered. There is a mentality here that believes that nothing can be done and changed.

One concrete step that took place was that the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested that the Dragicevic case be submitted to them, and we expect this case to remain there and to start dealing with it. This is the first major step that has taken place and if there had not been public pressure, it probably would not have happened. Hope and faith remain in the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope that everything will go much faster now. ”

“And we also have a message for Dalibor Vreco, it is better for him to prepare himself for interrogation than to prepare Radjen and Kukic, and to prepare himself very well. He will also have to go to the polygraph because the last time he was asked by the Inquiry Committee if he would agree to the polygraph, he answered angrily: “And why should I go to the polygraph?”. That is all for now, see you beautiful people”, said Sofija

Justice for David

 Until the end. 

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